Sunday, January 13

English Class

I attended my English class today. My lecturer, Puan Nazhatulshima, asked me to create this blog just especially for her English class. I have known the blogging world since year 2000. I was searching for information from search engine when I came across a very interesting Malay website. During that time, I still call it a 'website' as I don't know it does has a special name for it! I became interested and began visiting lots and lots of blogs everyday. 2004. I've decided to create my own blog. BUT, since it's a personal blog, I keep it a secret. I do not want anyone to visit and explore my blog. It's the secret of my life, my heart and my feelings. Hahaha... It's funny. I wrote and posted in the blog, but I do not want anyone to know about it.

Today's first lesson, is to pretend to be a singer with a new album. So, she asked the class to create the CD's title and 10 songs inclusive. I've created 5 titles on each side. Side A is about myself and side B is about my hope or dream.

The first entry created in the class. "Remarkable!"


kanda said...

everyone has their own sweet secret.... :)

Rina said...

ya, a very sweet secret!
i locked into my heart :)