Wednesday, January 23

In Memory

Once again, I glanced at the clock. Its 2:30 am. I am still swamped with notes and homework. I cannot sleep. I tried to close my eyes, but in vain. I switched on my pc, but I don’t know what I really want to do.

My fingers went clicking the folders on the screen. Click, click, click... Ah...My Picture folder. Let’s see what’s in here. Guess what? It makes me smile. It was last semester’s photos of my course mates and fun. I really enjoyed last semester’s class. They are the lecturers and course mates that I won’t and never forget.

A very FIERCE Lecturer, Puan Lizana.
Hahaha… NO. She is not actually. I gave this appellation because of my first impression of her. She shouted at me with her fierce face on the very first class we met. Why? My friends and I were lost! We cannot find her classroom. We were running here and there, everywhere to look for her room. Her class was scheduled to start at 2:15 pm, but Puan Lizana thought that it starts at 2:00 pm sharp! She was waiting for the girls as all the boys were already in presence.

She shouted at me the moment I opened the door!

“Why are you late?”

I am shocked and speechless.

“What is your name?”

“Sit down!”

Since then, I was afraid of her. Hehehe… I told my mom that my English Lecturer is like a Lioness! That’s my ‘sweet’ memory of Puan Lizana on the very first day of her class! As time goes by, I got very excited to attend her English class. She is a very funny individual actually. She makes one thinks that she is a fierce, unapproachable woman, but she is not! She is very lovely. I do not feel bored in her class. She has too many ideas to share. She treats her students like a friend. Now, I really missed her. I mean it. Really…I do.

My very SUPPORTING classmates
I am very lucky to have good course mates. We came from different backgrounds and states, but we cooperate well be it in class or study group.

Hey… guys, remember the time when we were trying our best to complete our assignment? Sleepless week and exchanged pen drives at 4:00 am! in front of my house. Some of you slept in the Police Station to complete the assignment and I binded my assignment at 6:00 am in the sundry shop. We were really desperate then because the assignment must be ready by 7:00 am! You guys recall that? Hahaha… It’s still fresh in my mind. It makes me smile whenever I made a flash back.

Hopefully our friendship bonds stay the way it is. Let’s study together and be successful. Prove to ourselves that we can achieve what we want to!

Hey… these are some pictures I retrieved from my folder.

What is that? Wedding's Photo? Hehehe...

Eja & Daia

Wrestling? Hahaha...

The Boys. Lazy!! Hahahaha...

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