Tuesday, March 25


This date, year 2007, Richard Low died of suicide. He was a Manager of General Division Segamat Branch (my work place). Rumours said that he was too tension and stressed with overwhelmed unsolved problems that’s lingering in his life. Yet, we do not know the whole truth. He was a good manager. My boss was a very close friend to him. He was nonetheless undoubtly shaken and very sad by his friend’s death.

There will always be problems in our life. Be it small or big. That’s part of life adventures. Still, we do need to relax our mind and take one thing at a time. Life’s too sweet and short to be dull. I think we should not allow unsolved problems manipulate us. I wouldn’t want my life to be ruined. Do you? What do you think? Share with me your thoughts.

Comedy is the best Remedy! Believe me...

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