Wednesday, January 16

My Little Brother

I love him very much. He is humble and active. He is creative too. He gets the same treatment as any of us, his siblings. He cannot play outdoors with anyone he likes without our permission. He spent most of his time staying indoors last school holidays. He love cartoon very much. Ask him anything about cartoons. He knows most of them very well. I taught him how to use the computer. He is a fast learner. You know what he asked me the first time he used the computer?

“Akak, this computer can watch cartoon or not?”

I said, “Of course. Why do you ask?”

“Hehehehe… I want to watch Naruto.”

With a sad face he explained to me.

“Yesterday, I cannot watch it on the television because Gemuk wanted to watch Dafi on Astro Ria channel.”

I’m a very kind sister hahaha… I cannot see his sad face. He knows how to persuade me.

So, I activated the YouTube website. He watched everything that I do. I left him with the computer. Let him watched the cartoon, while I read a book.

I’m shocked when I realised he had found lots of cartoons on YouTube. I questioned him how he found the entire cartoons. He explained that he saw me typed the title in the search bar then click enter. So, he did the same.

Now, he becomes a demanding boy. He doesn’t want to use the pc. He wants to use my laptop. He claimed that it’s much faster than pc.

Every afternoon, he will wait for me to be back from work. He will come to my room every five minutes! All he does was to open the door and leaves until I asked him what he wants. He will come in and sits at the computer table, and said nothing. Being a caring sister, I know what he wants.

He is cute, right? Did not use words to ask, but he uses his body language instead.

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