Tuesday, January 15


Some people said, if you want to be good in English, read lots of English novels. Is it true? Maybe...

I love reading novels very much but never read a single English novel. Why? I don’t know. I don’t have the exact answer.

I have so many novels’ collection in my room, sadly, I lost some of them. My friends borrowed but did not return! I cannot recall the borrower. Maybe I should put a ‘reminder’ note or something. Or charge them upon borrowing. Hehehe... Any suggestion?

Last week, I bought a novel online. Its title is “aA + bB”, written by Hlovate. I have not touch the novel yet. I don’t have time to read this week. My work keeps me very busy.

Today, I bought two more novels from my last semester’s lecturer, Mr. Lee Tan Luck. “Kiambang Seri di Kuala Paya” and “Istikharah di Persimpangan Pauh Manis”.

I have three novels to read in my list. BUT, they are all Malay novels. I’m sure you can tell from the titles. Where is the English novel? Well, I never buy any. I don’t even know who is the best English writer, or a best seller. Is that bad? I guess I should start looking for some English books/writers on the internet.

I’m going to JB tomorrow night. Before that, I should visit the bookstore and buy myself at least an English novel.

Remember that Rina! Do not go to any shopping centre. Don’t waste money! Hahaha…


Nazhatulshima Nolan said...

For a start, try 'Notebook' from Nicholas Sparks. You can get it in MPH for RM34 ++ I've written the blurp in my blog. Now I'm reading 'Dear John' by the same author.

Honey Bee said...
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Honey Bee said...

Hi sis,
We share the ame hobby.. I do love novels too.. May be we can change our novels one day..