Sunday, May 11

The Last Exam Day

My last exam day for this sem.

My routine every morning before exam was took breakfast with these 2 angels. They stayed at Ledang Inn for this sem. They were the regular visitor of this resort.

They are not Puteri Gunung Ledang

Sri Temenggong Hall

Ladius still checking his exam question paper




Fuhh... Lega!

Balik kampung! Oh... Oh... Balik kampung!

Lepak at Kopitiam before Diana & Daia drive home

Friends, thank you for accompanied me to the final exam for this sem. See you then...


diana-din/manja- said...

yahoooo...our exam all finished..but how about our result ya...???wait & see

Rina said...

hahaha... diana, the nervous become worry now!

thanks for the red note! hehehe...