Monday, February 6

When I decided to further my study 1

I try not to cry while studying, but I failed. I would cry every sem., but I still want to learn more and more. When people ask whether it difficult to study? My answer is difficult when we do not learn the proper planning.

I love study.

After finishing my STPM, I did not have any opportunity to study up to university like everyone else. Money! I have many siblings and my parents cannot afford to support my education. I always think, how lucky to be rich. Money is not a problem to further study. I was sad when all my friends go to university and talks about the fun of their studies. Since then I instill a desire to further my study.

It's not easy when I decided to further study in part time after ten years my last study. Very challenging my patient, mentally and endurace. I'm not sure how many gallons my tears were dripping during my study.

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